Favorite Things has been a dealer in collectibles and antiques for over 12 years. Our auctions at Ebay preview the best we have to offer in a wide variety of categories. Take a look at our auctions by clicking Ebay Auctions from above. 

If you have an antique or collectible that you have been looking for and can't find, Favorite Things has a finder's service that might be able to help.  Not only do we look for you, but we keep you on a list.  When the item does show up as it always does, we will contact you with a price.  For busy people this is an excellent service that might be right for you.   Click on the Email Us and send us a short description of your Favorite Thing. 

Another area that goes hand-in-hand with being a collectibles and antique dealer is appraisal. The Age of Internet has created a very simple way for us to view, appraise, and certify your collectibles, antiques, or family heirlooms. The appraisal process by Favorite Things, starts by you clicking on Appraisal from above.

In addition, we also do repair or restoration on pottery, porcelain, ceramics, paper, photographs, wood, metal, and artworks of all sorts. We are not limited to these categories, we are capable of handling a wide array of objects. Favorite Things can provide quotes on repair for you by clicking Repair from above.

Each month we highlight a specific collectible or antique to write about. If you are interested click on Antique Tidbits from above.

The Favorite Things site has been specifically created to provide an integrated way for you to view our auctions and our services. If you have any questions feel free to click on Email us from above.